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Mountain Range

What Our Community Is Saying

We are honored to have held space for people around the world. Here are some testimonials from our past clients. 

Vash T.

"I just had a session a few days ago and it was incredible. Thank you Adam for the energy & all the understanding you brought to the session. I truly felt Adam was so present and so knowledgable about the breath. You are definitely the person I would recommend.”

Chrissie P.

"Adam is passionate about helping reach what we ourselves may not grasp as we tend to over analyze our own thoughts and perceptions. He is able to intuitively ask questions to release emotions we often suppress. Great practitioner that accommodates his clients!"

Wendy K.

"I feel like my coaching and breathwork package took me through years of therapy, helping me resolve things I had buried so deeply I no longer I realized I was carrying them. It was incredible to release all of that, to heal myself, and find my voice and my strength again."

Juliette L.

"The work you do is priceless. You can’t put a price on it."

Britt B.

"I feel much gratitude for Adam and Somatic Breathwork. I have tried other breathwork modalities and this style became a quick favorite. I have found this breathwork to be a powerful integration tool and a great way to balance my nervous system. The releases and clarities I have received through this breathwork has been profound. Adam has a peaceful presence, a strong intuition, and holds space beautifully for others. Many thanks and blessings to you Adam."

Morgan T.

“Adam is the representation of someone who has dove into his intuition. Has cleared out so much and just unapologetically shows up as himself. So do a session with him. Or 2 or ten or 20. And I promise you will not be disappointed. He’s an incredible person.”

Alison G.

"I found a gentle and safe masculine energy in Adam and his approach to his Breathwork sessions. His safe space has allowed me to bring up and clear years of religious trauma. In addition, Adam's expertise in sound engineering has made it possible to for me even participate in guided Breathwork sessions while having hearing loss. His patience and willingness to adjust to my needs has been paramount in my healing journey. Words cannot express my gratitude. I highly recommend seeing Adam for Breathwork, and inquiring about his coaching programs. Thank you Adam."

Sebastian P.

"Dear Adam, when I joined your virtual Somatic Breathwork session, it gave me a bunch of insights. It was so precious to my life and to go on. Even though I am not a native tongue in English it was a great mix of understanding and music. Thank you so much, Adam! Peace and Gratitude, Sebastian"


"Adam is simply amazing! He is so in tune to others and their needs that he seems to know exactly what you need when you need it. He does a beautiful job working with highly sensitive individuals and truly understands all that goes with that . Adam has helped me fine a sense and f safety within myself and my body in moments of when I've felt like I would never be able to find that again. Above all, Adam is so gentle and truly has a love and passion for what he does that is so evident! I would definitely recommend him to anyone from a beginner with breathwork to someone who might just need a "tune up" /remind to go inside themselves."

Justyna F.

"Working with Adam has been truly transformative and has led me to newfound clarity, sense of direction and courage to start living from a more authentic place. With the help of breathwork and Adam’s unique blend of wisdom, intuition (which is truly remarkable), vast knowledge and experience, I have seen shifts in myself I never thought possible. Adam creates a safe healing space for processing difficult experiences and emotions. He not only gently guides you through the healing process, but also into embracing life fully and connecting with your inner voice. I am beyond grateful for having the opportunity to work with Adam. This is empowering and helping people change their lives at its best. I highly recommend Adam to anyone seeking meaningful guidance on their journey."

Sarah M.

"I've done a few breathwork sessions before, and none of them have come close to the experience that I had with Adam."

Carrie R.

"Adam’s invitation into a grounded, healing space is such a warm embrace in our fast moving world! His presence and awareness in his clear, intentional offerings provide an abundance of opportunity for insight that fosters growth in love and in light."

Rayne M.

"The entire journey & session was marvelous. Literally breath taking. Thank you for sharing your talent & allowing such a beautiful inward journey. Forever grateful."

Gigi G.

"In the span of just a few sessions Adam helped me dive deeper into myself than I had previously ever experienced, allowing me to recognize truths that I had previous been blind to (or simply ignoring). For the first time in a long time (maybe ever) I am beginning to feel calm about the future and the direction I should go. I am so immensely grateful to have found Adam and breath work"


"Adam is an incredibly in-tune breathwork facilitator. The safe space he creates is unmatched! So thankful for you Adam!"


"It is a wonderful and valuable thing to find someone, to feel safe to be yourself and express your pain with. I found this safe space with Adam. . I was going through a period where my nervous system was stressed and I had mental alertness. I had a session with Adam and it was very deep and relaxing. I'm in a better place now. I am grateful to him."

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