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Adam Carbary, co-founder of Embrace & Expand
Somatic Breathwork Practitioner & Instructor

Adam is an Intuitive Coach, Somatic Breathwork practitioner and instructor, as well as a Reiki teacher. Adam believes that we must combine our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health in order to live our best and most authentic lives. With the knowledge and experience he has accumulated on his journey, Adam aims to help aid people in finding their own path to healing and release what is no longer serving them so they can begin to manifest the life they have always dreamed of.


IG: @adam.carbary


Therapeutic Training

Somatic Breathwork Facilitator

Reiki Master & Teacher

Compassion Key (Karma Clearing) Practitioner

I believe that as a coach and mentor it is important to remain a student of life. Below are some of the ongoing trainings and courses that I have taken.

Continued Education

Reiki LVL 1&2 with Nancy Merrifield 
Mindfulness Meditation with Ananda Institute of Living Yoga
Reiki Master Training with William Rand of The International Center for Reiki Training
The Path of the Universal Shaman with don Oscar Miro-Quesada
CrossFit CFOL1 Trainer
SomatIQ Breathwork LVL 1 Practitioner and SBW Instructor
The Compassion Key Certification with Edward Mannix
Embodying True Nature Intensive with Paititi Institute
Taoist Yoga and QiGong with Jesse Lee Parker

Adam Carbary
Rachel Carbary
Cacao Steward & Writer

Rachel is an author, poet, KAKAO custodian, and seeker of all things magical. She uses the written word, phases of the moon and the heart opening power of cacao to deepen the relationship with herself and the world around her. She believes that we are all connected and that one of the greatest gifts we have in life is our sacred connection to nature.




Get a copy of Rachel's children's book, Goodnight to My Family

Trainings & Education

200 YTT

Cacao Facilitator Embodiment Course with Makenzie Marzluff of Fly Kakao

Cacao Stewardship Cohort with Makenzie Marzluff of Fly Kakao

Currently Enrolled in 300 YTT (Yoga Nidra, Kundalini fusion, & Vinyasa)

Writing Course with Beth Kempton 

Breathwork Event at Wildwood Yoga Studio, Granite Falls, WA
Somatic Breathwork

Your nervous system is the electrical network of your being. Overtime, unresolved trauma or chronic stress causes dysregulation of this network. When dysregulated, difficulties in your personal or professional life arise. When you heal trauma and stress, you heal the electrical network of your nervous system. When you heal the nervous system, you heal the emotional self so your authentic self can emerge. 

Somatic Breathwork is an embodiment experience. It takes you out of your thinking mind and into your body’s electrical network. It allows you to release unneeded energy within this network caused by repeating thoughts, feelings, and old narratives by discharging it out through your body. 

Somatic Breathwork employs circular connected breathing coupled with rhythmic music to produce a cathartic emotional release. This release may be in the form of moving, shaking, yelling, crying, or laughing. Using the breath, you  will engage your innate ability to heal and sweep out any defenses, blockages, restrictions, or pains that hold you back from who you are and how you want to  show up in this world.

Ceremonial Cacao from KAKAO Drinking Chocolate

Cacao is a gentle, heart-opening medicine. It helps move you out of your head and into your heart by deepening your connection to self, your heart, your creativity, and nature. Cacao grounds you while calming the nervous system and helping to release emotions. Cacao enhances your mood, digestion, and circulation. You can safely connect with cacao as part of your daily practice.


For our cacao circles we use ceremonial grade KAKAO.

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