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1:1 Offerings

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Somatic Breathwork Journey

Somatic Breathwork is an embodiment experience. It takes you out of your thinking mind and into your body’s electrical network. It lets you release unneeded energy within this network caused by repeating thoughts, feelings, and old narratives by discharging it out through your body.

Somatic Breathwork employs circular connected breathing coupled with rhythmic music to produce a cathartic emotional release. This release may be in the form of moving, shaking, yelling, crying, or laughing. Using the breath, you will engage your innate ability to heal and sweep out any defenses, blockages, restrictions, or pains that hold you back from who you are and how you want to show up in this world.

Adam will guide you through this transformational experience as you let go of limiting beliefs, past traumas, and fears, and help you return to a balanced and grounded self.

1:1 Coaching

Are you feeling energetically stuck in your life? Are you trying to discover your  higher purpose, or want help navigating life’s obstacles? I offer one on one Intuitive Coaching for a select number of clients. I can help you tap into your  intuition, dig deeper into your limiting beliefs, discover the authentic self buried within so that you can expand into the best version of yourself. 

Each coaching package can be tailored to meet your needs and will include Somatic Breathwork sessions, meditation journeys, Reiki and Compassion Key healing sessions, as well as tools and practices for you to use in your everyday life.

If you are interested in connecting and learning more please schedule a discovery call today. I would love to help you on this journey.


Heart Opening Cacao

Cacao is a gentle, heart-opening medicine. It helps move you out of your head and into your heart by deepening your connection to self, your heart, your creativity, and nature. Cacao grounds you while calming the nervous system and helping to release emotions.

Rachel will meet with you virtually as you share a cup of cacao, open your heart, and connect with your inner self.

We work exclusively with KAKAO Drinking Chocolate and can help you prepare for your session by providing a link for purchase, or mailing you a single serving of KAKAO.

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