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Welcome to
Embrace and Expand

It is time to embrace all that you are so you can expand into the best version of yourself.  

Are you ready to shed stress, fear, anxiety and overwhelm?

Are you ready to live a life of purpose and fulfillment?

Are you ready to gain clarity on your dreams, desires and who you truly are?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then my Chaos to Clarity Program is right for you. 


Chaos To Clarity

How would it feel if you were no longer stressed out by the little things anymore?

How would it feel if you no longer lived with that voice telling you that you're not enough or worthy?

How would it feel to wake up excited for the day ahead?

You are worthy and deserve the life you have always dreamed about.

All this is possible with the Chaos to Clarity program. 


What Makes This Program Different

Chaos to Clarity

  • This is NOT a group program.

  • Every session is 1:1 and tailored to fit your individual needs.

  • No pre-recorded video content.

  • All sessions are LIVE.

  • The entire program is customized to fit your goals.



Chaos to Clarity

Most coaching programs simply give you pre-recorded videos to watch on your own, and then sit you down in a virtual group session. This is not my coaching style.


I want to help you which means all of our sessions will be one on one and tailored to fit your needs so that you can have the breakthroughs necessary to be living your best life.



Chaos to Clarity

  • 1:1 virtual coaching sessions to give you the safe space to be vulnerable without the pressure of a group setting

  • 1:1 Somatic Breathwork sessions

  • 1:1 Guided meditation journeys

  • 1:1 Reiki & Compassion Key healing sessions

  • Tools & practices that you can use in everyday life

  • Access to the Embrace & Expand Community where you can receive extra support, and meet like-minded individuals. 

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Image by Annie Spratt


“My Breathwork session with Adam was beautiful, powerful, and has been impacting me every moment since I had it."

Trish L.

"The entire journey & session was marvelous. Literally breath taking. Thank you for sharing your talent & allowing such a beautiful inward journey. Forever grateful."

Rayne M.

"I've done a few breathwork sessions before, and none of them have come close to the experience that I had with Adam."

Sarah M.


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